Thank you for showing up.

2 min readOct 16, 2020


The words warm me after the initial regret of changing into my yoga gear and sweating session to then transforming into a place and time I feel at ease with myself and even proud for making the small decision of participating. It’s these five words that make every minute which got me there worth it.

I’ve been attempting to do the same with journaling every single day, to incorporate this sense of “showing up” with the date written on top and then literally writing the words to incorporate this sensation. You would think “showing up” to a journal entry would be easy, being that the only acts I’d have to perform are opening my journal and having the pen in my hand inked on the paper.

It’s been very difficult with my own lame excuses of not being diligent every single day, whether it’s due to procrastination, a packed schedule, pure laziness, and a possible combination of all three.

“Showing up” in other parts of my life has also been painstakingly difficult.

Waking up early enough to look out the window when the sun hasn’t even risen with a cup of warm coffee in my hand, putting on my trainers and taking a walk to let go of the anxiety I’m guilty of piling up in my mind, even meditating every single morning after forcing myself to get up from bed has all become more of a desire than simple acts of gestures I’m aware which can positively impact my start of the day.

But somehow I still tend to whine and make excuses for not doing it.

Writing this down and having you read all this is also lame, but that’s okay because I “showed up”. I’m here participating in this entry to let myself (and you) know that “showing up” isn’t supposed to be a grand gesture. It’s actually supposed to be a small one.

I’ve learned that yoga is much more than simply lifting the legs and spreading out the arms in slow motion, sitting down and meditating. It’s the small moves of each one that makes yoga the way it is and a crucial “showing up” method of continuing the person I created and am proud of.

Slow, patient, and efficient have become attributes that define true personal womanhood for me while living abroad and now translated back into my NYC adult life. These characteristics I never learned to appreciate when I was younger has become cherishable traits I yearn to keep in my everyday life.

“Showing up” can simply be arriving at the appointed destination but including these admirable qualities make the decision of “showing up” praiseworthy and a huge smile on my own face.

So I hope we all “show up” to whatever it is with slowness, patience, and efficiency and find small acts of exceptionalism during it as well.




Working on myself through the Internet because then I’d be held responsible if I didn’t.